Kalgoorlie PC Doctor

  Computer problems?

Rates and Services*

These rates apply to residential customers only. For all other inquiries, please contact us.

Advice and information via email and phone - FREE!

Flat Rate: $40 per half hour. Minimum fee $50.

Call out Fee (Kalgoorlie)- $50 (From August 1 2013)

Call out fee (outside Kalgoorlie) - $1 per Km

Example Costs

PC Cleanup/ virus removal $80

OS Reinstall = $80

Laptop screen replacement = from $195

Data recovery (undamaged drive) = $80

Data recovery (damaged drive) = from $200

DC jack repair (cable) = from $150 including parts

DC Jack repair (soldering) = from $200 including parts

Motherboard replacement = from $300 including parts



*Chargeable in half hour blocks,

**Please note that all computers are different and one PC's problem may take much longer than another.